Finally, a third part will deal with administrative procedures and equipment management methods (contract award procedure, control of investment and operating costs). This enables us to improve ads and website content. Community Professional integration is greatly facilitated by the apprenticeship contract, which allows for quick integration with attractive employment conditions. The training is given in the aternance and is mainly addressed to students having a hiring prelude for an apprenticeship / professionalization contract. - an educational team composed of many professionals. - Know how to make a diagnosis about the resources of an organization, - Identify in a context the opportunities and threats that affect the organization, - Propose a global vision for the development of the organization based on the conclusions of the diagnosis, - Mobilize the levers of marketing-mix (product, price, distribution, promotion), - Build the customer relationship: relationship marketing, loyalty, - Identify the specificities of sports marketing, - Understand the principles and challenges of CSR, - Transpose this field in different work situations in the sports sector, - Understanding the problems of discrimination at work, - Being able to solve critical situations in the professional world, - Adapt to environmental, economic and human constraints. - Implement this communication strategy by using and combining adapted tools in accordance with relevant planning. It aims at enabling the student to develop an expertise on a management problem and initiate a transformation of his company by relying on his expertise to improve its performance. Association Management STAPS LILLE 2, Ronchin. LES MASTERS 2 DANS LE DOMAINE DES STAPS EN FRANCE NORD-PAS-DE-CALAIS Université des Sciences et Technologies de Lille1 Université du Littoral – Côte d'Opale Université d'Artois This optional option is intended for students who have no knowledge of accounting and finance in order to make a catch-up on the basics necessary to follow compulsory education like the others. An introduction to research helps to compile training and develop a critical view of knowledge. Students holding the Master STAPS Management of Sport quickly access jobs as Project Manager, responsible for communication / development in the commercial sector, associative or public. - Identify its flaws, its qualities to use them as a humanized and efficient "working tool" for the company. The training develops skills in the field of management in connection with the sports sector in the field of communication, marketing, human resources management, sports events, finance, law. The course aims to improve students' comprehension and production skills. The course aims to improve students' reception and production skills. We are committed to providing an excellent and well-rounded teaching … It gives rise to the writing of a dissertation and a defense. It is necessary for the students to understand the mechanisms of innovation and the interest of the strategic watch. The UFR's courses in humanities, languages and humanities are divided into eight departments: The Department of Germanic Studies offers a bachelor's degree in German Language and Literature, a master's degree in German, and a master's … L'accès à ces E.N.T s'effectue avec les anciens identifiants et mots de passe (ex Lille1, ex Lille2, ex Lille3). In the second part of the course, it will be addressed the safety of equipment classified ERP (Equipment Receiving Public) under the Code of Urbanism and the Code of Construction and Housing (classification, security controls and quality standards). It must enable students to report on the construction of skills and participate directly in validating the skills of the training. This teaching aims to build the following skills: - Identify all communication channels (media, non-media) and their issues, - Determine communication targets and expected effects, - Diagnose the overall communication strategy of an organization, - Propose a global communication strategy for the development of the organization based on the conclusions of the diagnosis, - Define the implementation modalities of this strategy and in particular the planning and the mobilization of the different channels to reach the privileged targets, - Evaluate the effectiveness of its communication strategy, - Understand the specificities of digital communication, - Being able to define a communication strategy based on web tools (website, social networks, etc.). Renseignez-vous ci-dessous sur l'établissement à Calais qui mène à ce diplôme. It is about approaching the corporate culture as a set of values (what is good / what is wrong), beliefs (what is true / what is wrong) and norms (what is done / which is not done according to the rules in use). ISA Lille offers a Master of Science and Engineering specializing in Environmental Science, focusing on Sustainable Management of Pollution (SMaP). This course is based on the gestino of a CMS such as Wordpress or Joomla. Ouvert aux titulaires d'un diplôme de Licence ou titre équivalent. À savoir que cette formation est réservée à des élèves ayant obtenu un niveau bac+3, dans un domaine relatif à la formation en question : STAPS, licence STS(Sciences pour la Santé)… Students with different initial training but significant experience in the field of sport can also join the training. You can redraw your consent to using these cookies at any time. Entrepreneuriat et Management de l'Innovation - M2 EMI of IAE Lille, Ecole Universitaire de Management - Université de Lille ranked n°100 at Eduniversal Bests Masters Ranking For the advanced group, however, emphasis will be placed on face-to-face oral production, via role plays and short presentations on topics of interest to professional life or topics related to the topics covered in the TOEIC exams. Differentiate the two axes of intervention of the sports manager: Manager: The one who defines the objectives, the stakes; Coach: The one who accompanies and thinks together on the means and on the best method to reach the objectives. UNIVERSITÉ PARIS 12 VAL-DE-MARNE CRÉTEIL UFR SESS – STAPS Année universitaire 2009 – 2010 Sciences de l'Éducation et Sciences Sociales Sciences et Techniques des Activités Physiques et Sportives Département STAPS … La formation s'appuie sur un réseau d'entreprises partenaires qui accueillent nos étudiants en apprentissage. For the advanced group, however, emphasis will be placed on face-to-face oral production, via role plays and short presentations on topics of interest to professional life or topics related to the topics covered in the TOEIC exams. - aux personnels disposant d'un compte ex Lille1, ex Lille2, ex Lille3. Our graduates are now project manager, manager of exploitatino, communication manager, department manager, development manager, partnership manager, event manager, assistant manager, assistant product manager. 42, rue Paul Duez Based on the managerial literature and in social psychology, this course exposes the key concepts and notions that make it possible to understand the working dynamics of the work teams by noting the interweaving of the different roles of the operational manager. Lille city has 6 universities and several colleges. In coordination with the teaching of initiation to research, this teaching aims to develop a coherent survey protocol to answer a research problem. Resting along the Deule River is Lille, the principal city of the Lille Métropole in the French Flanders. Signaler ce profil; À propos. La filière STAPS (Sciences et techniques des activités physiques et sportives), longtemps adjointe à la seule carrière de professeur d'EPS, s'est très largement diversifiée pour s'ouvrir à la recherche ou au management. MASTER STAPS MENTION « MANAGEMENT DU SPORT » PARCOURS « MANAGEMENT ET GESTION DES ORGANISATIONS SPORTIVE-S ET DE LOISIRS OBJECTIFS DE LA FORMATION CONTE-NU DE LA ... Ecole en partenariat avec I'lJniversité de Lille … The training opens up opportunities for students in jobs related to sports management in the public sector, associations or commercial spheres. College Physics Raymond A. Serway, Chris Vuille. 59000 Lille - France, Retrouvez les organigrammes des directions et services, Direction générale des services adjointe - projets transversauxDirection aide au pilotage et qualitéDirection données personnelles et archives, Direction générale déléguée recherche et valorisationDirection appui à la rechercheDirection valorisation de la rechercheDirection transversale ingénierie et management de projets, Direction générale déléguée relations internationalesDirection mobilités internationalesDirection développement international et pilotage, Direction générale déléguée formation tout au long de la vieDirection ingénierie de formationDirection scolaritéDirection formation continue et alternanceDirection innovation pédagogiqueObservatoire de la direction des formationsDirection entrepreneuriat étudiantService universitaire d’aide, d’insertion et d’orientation (SUAIO)Bureau d’aide à l’insertion professionnelle (BAIP)Centre de langues de l’Université de Lille (CLIL) (Rattachement fonctionnel - service commun), Direction générale déléguée vie universitaireDirection vie étudianteDirection cultureDirection développement durable responsabilité socialeService universitaire médecine de prévention et de promotion de la santé (SUMPPS) (rattachement fonctionnel - service commun)Service universitaire activités physiques et sportives (SUAPS)(rattachement fonctionnel - service commun), Direction générale déléguée relations humaines (DRH)Direction gestion des personnels enseignantsDirection gestion des personnels BIATSSDirection développement et gestion prévisionnelle des compétencesDirection environnement social au travailDirection pilotage et affaires générales RHService inter universitaire des pensionsService social des personnelsService santé au travailService commun affaires sociales (SCAS)(rattachement fonctionnel - service commun), Direction générale déléguée immobilier logistiqueDirection stratégie, programmation et maîtrise d’ouvrageService valorisation des installations sportivesImprimerieDirection campus Cité ScientifiqueDirection campus Pont-de-BoisDirection site Lille centreDirection site Roubaix-TourcoingDirection site Grande région, Direction générale déléguée affaires financières (DAF)Direction commande publiqueDirection budgetDirection gestion, Direction générale déléguée systèmes d’information (DSI)Direction développement et exploitation des systèmes d’informationDirection infrastructure et support informatique, Services centraux - les directions :Direction communicationDirection affaires juridiquesDirection prévention des risquesDirection U-linkDirection sécurité défense Service commun de la documentation Coordonnateur médecine de prévention Conseiller de préventionFonctionnaire sécurité défenseAgence comptableMaison de la médiationDélégué à la protection des données, Les services communs(au sens de l'article 714-1 du code de l'éducation)Service commun de documentationService universitaire d’activités physiques et sportivesService commun des affaires socialesService universitaire de médecine préventive et de promotion de la santéCentre des langues de l'Université de LilleInstitut Eric Weil, Les anciens E.N.T sont accessibles : On the other hand they allow us to improve our content for you by saving and analyzing anonymized user data. Request Information Master's Degrees in Management Studies in Lille … Innovation is a factor of competitiveness of companies. Les formations en STAPS (Sciences et Techniques des Activités Physiques et Sportives) ont vu le jour à la fin des années 60, alors que l’enseignement supérieur est soumis à de nombreuses réformes dans le cadre de la loi Edgar Faure. •To be eligible for admission in second year of master’s degree International Management you must hold a four-year degree or equivalent (240 ECTS credits: 4-year bachelor; 3-year bachelor plus 1 year of master’s degree or an equivalent academic level). This teaching must also provide the theoretical basis for engaging in research work. The objective of this course is to understand the issues related to performance management. By means of anonymized data of website users we can optimize the user flow. Outre l’offre de formations importantes, la ville est une ville attractive … E.N.T Droit et Santé (ex Lille2) Introduction With the help of Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF), the Graduate School of Journalism of Lille (ESJ Lille) and the Administration Institute of Lille companies (IAE Lille) offer them 2 International Master in Media Management … A dynamic and innovative education including lectures, case studies, project management, business situations will develop concrete skills needed in international management. Watch Queue Queue You must have a major (or a minor under some conditions) in Economics or Management. Evident for and shared by the members of the company (= shared values), it is manifested by symbolic productions (symbols, rites, codes) and is built throughout the history of the company (myth, slogan) in response to the successive problems she encounters. This teaching makes it possible to discover the work of research and to appropriate the methodology of the research. It can be of very different nature going from the business game to the participatino to a great international sports event according to the opportunities. - Define a business plan and test the economic viability of the concept, - Conduct a market study to identify the added value of the product, - Build a pitch to convince a potential financier to invest in this project, - Write a business plan including financial planning, - Understand the issues specific to each legal form of business. 12 Effectifs Fréquence Licence STAPS "éducation et motricité" 572 23,7% Licence STAPS "activité physique adaptée" 339 14,1% Licence STAPS "entraînement sportif" 327 13,6% Licence STAPS "management du sport" 298 12,4% Master Management du Sport 165 6,8% Master MEEF EPS 156 6,5% Master Activité physique adaptée et santé 137 5,7% Autre Master 99 4,1% Master … - Design posters, flyers, banners, logo, etc. Un job dating est notammentorganisé avec Décathlon et Well Ness Training. The SMaP program, taught in English or in French, is based on the internationally renowned expertise that ISA Lille has gained in the management … - To welcome "the other person" as a person in his own right, from what he is, and thus to give him the opportunity to feel gratified, and therefore to have him listening to the objectives, and thereby the make it more efficient in the company. Two groups are distinguished: on the one hand apprentices for whom the objective is to accompany them to facilitate their integration into a company; On the other hand, students in initial training are supported in their search for a learning contract / internship. Find more information regarding cookies on our Data Protection Declaration and regarding us on the Imprint. Indirectly, these conferences help to develop the professional network of students. This teaching is articulated with the design of semester 2 survey tools. Study … Beyond this, it is an opportunity to train through research and link the training with the research projects developed within the ACP laboratory and the ORME (Observatory for Research on Mega-Events). De nombreuses formations sont ainsi proposées à l'université. This course aims to support students in their professional insertino steps. This course aims to give students sports law skills both at the French and international levels. This course is focused on the publication of written documents respecting the formal constraints of a professional publication. This teaching combines on the one hand the organization of a particular communicatino action to pomote the event and also to program a act of communciation / training by soliciting personalities from the sporting world to share knowledge and experiences. MASTER MEEF Métiers de l’Enseignement, de l’Éducation et de la Formation (Semestres 1 à 4) ESPE LILLE NORD DE FRANCE Forme aux métiers de l’enseignement de l’éducation nationale. Lille STAPS. It is a question of optimizing the available resources to reach the objective fixed with efficiency and especially efficiency. This course aims to understand the issues and methodology of a quality approach. Lille is located in the North of France within 300 . This optional option is intended for students who have no knowledge of graphic design software in order to make a catch-up on the basics in order to follow the compulsory education like the others. UFR Sciences et Techniques des Activités Physiques et Sportives (STAPS). This course aims to support the research work undertaken in M1 and which should lead to the production of a dissertation at the end of semester 3. The Master is supported by the laboratory ACP (EA 3350). The training is structured around the following skills: - Design and develop a communication strategy and be able to create professional quality supports with specialized software, - Manage the performance of a sports organization and manage people, - Have a responsible and ethical professional practice, - Understanding public action in sport and the challenges of international sporting events, - Take responsibility for developing professional skills and critical awareness through research and support of analytical tools, Université Gustave Eiffel - Champs-sur-Marne, Bâtiment Copernic 5 boulevard Descartes Champs-sur-Marne 77441 MARNE-LA-VALLÉE cedex 2, Full time in business from April to September. La Licence STAPS (Sciences et Techniques des Activités Physiques et Sportives), est un diplôme sur 3 ans. It is both a question of mastering the editing / publishing rulers in different formats (paper and electronic) and also of producing a support which respects the principles of the graphic charter of the company / the organization in which they working. This website uses cookies. Master STAPS à Lille Ville emblématique du nord de la France, Lille accueille de nombreux étudiants aussi bien français qu’étrangers. The STAPS department offers a STAPS license, and a STAPS master. to evaluate the effectiveness of its actions, - know the requirements of the publication formats, - to mobilize a rational and effective conception, - use professional software tools (Adobe Suite: Photoshop and Illustrator). This course will consist of three parts: the first part will be dedicated to the state of the sports heritage and their conditions of homologation in accordance with the law on sport of 1992. It is a two year interdisciplinary master program in Economics and Management. For the treatment of questionnaires, specific work on the Modalisa analysis software must make it possible to perform statistical analyzes. This is to consider in a multidisciplinary perspective the effects of training sports events. It is possible to join the master … The student must develop skills to be able to develop a quality approach within his company to improve the performance of his activity. Lille University is the result of the common desire . This teaching should allow students to become familiar with the management of an existing website. A detailed reading of the legislative texts and litigations must give the student an operational understanding of the rules of law that apply when performing his duties. Il unit trois parcours de spécialisation au sein de trois Masters (STAPS… The objective is to be able to read and co-produce an accounting balance sheet in order to make a diagnosis of the company's situation and recommendations. Students holding the Master STAPS Management of Sport quickly access jobs as Project Manager, responsible for communication / development in the commercial sector, associative or public. Master 2 Management Social et Territorial - MT IAE Lille, Ecole Universitaire de Management - Université de Lille, ranked n°41 at Eduniversal Bests Masters Ranking Sélection sur dossier et entretien. Candidates must hold a degree or equivalent, preferably in STAPS Management of Sport or Management. These cookies are needed for a smooth operation of our website. They must eventually be able to feed a site in multimedia content, format content in compliance with the operation of the site, adjust the structure of the site for communicatino needs of their company. The UPEM Master of Sport Management has three main advantages: - the possibility of taking apprenticeship training with CFA Descartes. - Identify the specificities of the national collective agreement on sport: employment contracts, salary scale, working time modulation, etc. Le Master STAPS mention Management du Sport parcours Développement territorial par le sport en alternance s’inscrit dans une collaboration unique en France au sein de l’Université Côte d’Azur (UCA). Those have two functions: On the one hand they are providing basic functionality for this website. The training is not specialized towards a particular profession. A number of international experts participate in lectures on various topics over the course of the Master. master staps specialite: entrainement et optimisation de la performance sportive annee universitaire 2012-2013 memoire titre : effets de trois modalites de recuperation (passive, active, par … Beyond that, it is necessary to appropriate a data visualization software (Tableau®) to enable them to produce interactive dashboards. Having obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sports Management from the University of Birmingham in 2019, I am completing my full time learning in Sports Management studies by enrolling on an International Sports Management Masters course at the STAPS University of Lille.

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