As C. Mattogno and F. Deana have shown, the cremation installations at Auschwitz were never able to cremate the bodies of the dead from the various epidemics and other unhygienic conditions of Auschwitz camp which occurred anyway, not to mention the bodies allegedly occurring as the result of mass murders,[444] this is a further proof that there was never a program of mass homicide at Auschwitz. The ventilation system, if it existed, did not have the performance to clear the chambers in the time frame attested to. [413] As the vital cell functions are thereby starved of oxygen, the animal or human being suffocates. PO Box 21 157ff. The blood can no longer give off oxygen to the cells. [492] He died in 2001. Sklep bonprix – inspirująca moda damska dla każdej z nas. The combustion gases in a crematorium oven stream from the combustion chamber[445] through the cremation chamber containing the corpse (muffle), through the ash chamber into the flue, which conducts the exhaust gases to the chimney. Auschwitz: Crematorium I and the Alleged Homicidal Gassings, Savage: American Indian Warfare on the High Plains, How Employers Have Gamified Work for Maximum Profit, German Soldiers in the Soviet Union as Witnesses against Bolshevism: “The Worker’s Paradise”, Bill Gates Aghast Over ‘Crazy And Evil Conspiracy Theories’ About He And Fauci, Hints At Social Media Censorship, Deagel, Intelligence Organization for the U.S. Government, Predicts Massive Global Depopulation (50-80%) by 2025. [469] In his book, Pressac frequently refers to a HCN concentration of 12 g per m3 or 1 vol.% used for executions. Yet to burn the bodies of those thousand people […would have taken] quite a long while.”[498]. On the other hand, this is due to the fact that lethal concentrations of the gas must penetrate every crack and fissure, no matter how tiny. One thousand people could only have been made to enter a cellar with a surface area of 210 m2 under the maintenance of extraordinary discipline accompanied by a readiness to co-operate(!) [431] In his autobiography, Höß also reports this and mentioned similar procedures during his Polish imprisonment. In contrast to yourself, I am of the opinion that these eyewitness testimonies relating to the fact of the occurrence of gassings of human beings, are entirely suitable to refute the denial of this fact. Zyklon B Blood Must Be Shed OOP Pic Disc Emperor, 1349, DHG, Satyricon MINT RARE. But as is common knowledge and has been pointed out many times, no flames ever come out of crematorium chimneys. Remarkably, all pipes and fittings have been removed from the real shower room in the same wing (see Fig. Zadebiutowali EP'ką Blood Must Be Shed trwającą ok 10 min rozpisaną na trzy kawałki. It is too late. For this reason, the alleged victims of homicidal mass gassings in a farmhouse as attested to by Böck are supposed to have been cremated in open-air pits close to this farmhouse. The virtual tour of the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial includes over 200 high-quality panoramic photographs. The images present the site of the former camp, historical descriptions, witness accounts, archival documents and photographs, artworks and objects related to the history of the camp. showing his revisionist views in front of his pupils; disturbing a meeting of his pupils with a former deportee; showing doubts about the credibility of a deportee’s testimony. Michel Adam was a teacher of history and geography in the West of France. [433] These voices spoke of: A glance at the London Agreement, which established the legal framework for the Nuremberg Trials, reveals two remarkable articles, which are clearly incompatible with the procedures of a state under the rule of law. 1 submission pending; Share. Here is the front page of an article under the title “Nazi-Sozi” penned by Dr.Joseph Goebbels and it was first published in 1926, it was revised and reissued by the party’s Eher Verlag in 1931. Zyklon B (doslova Cyklón B) je obchodný názov pesticídu nemeckej firmy I.G. Parent Label: Spacecraft. My mind autocompleted the title to “Zyklon b for the killing of angry bees” & immediately thought next “now thats more practical goal..” lmao, A well-researched article but perhaps also a classic example of too much information. Graph 12: Hydrogen cyanide concentration behavior in delousing chamber with and without circulating air systems, measuring points always in center of room (intern. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Zyklon-B - Blood Must Be Shed at Discogs. The term goes back to the early eighth century where the term NAZI was used as a slang for Ashkenazi. Something went wrong. Although the interesting part of Graph 13 is only poorly resolved, it is nevertheless clear that under these circumstances the maximum concentration is reached as late as 4 to 5 hours after the start. Zyklon is not to be confused with Zyklon-B, which was a past side project by members of Emperor, including Samoth and Ihsahn.The two bands are not related in any way other than their similar names and Samoth's mutual membership. Insects and, in particular, insect eggs, are considerably less sensitive to hydrogen cyanide than warm-blooded animals. Killing all the victims in a few (less than five) minutes would be impossible. All eyewitness accounts known to the author are unanimous in claiming that the victims were not separated by sex before being sent into the ‘gas chambers’. Zyklon-B- The Law Of The Claw old original t-shirt; Not for sale or trade. [476] (Who, by the way, would go with a towel under a shower?) If the victims have inhaled the entire room volume once, the HCN content will be reduced to ca. Cremation of the corpses in pits 1.5 to 3 meters deep. Hunting Hitler's Nukes book. The only solution is that this must have been exercised just as intensively and disciplined as soldiers do it. Toxicological Effect of HCN. The rapidity of the executions as described by the eyewitnesses, in their extreme values (“a few moments“, “a few minutes“, “two minutes“, etc.) Death of all victims after 0 (instantaneously) to 15 minutes. I prefer on this issue as on so many others to fall back to a commonsense approach, which is simple, lean and comprehensible to all: if you want to kill people with poison gas there is nothing that this concoction can do that cannot be done more cheaply and efficiently using carbon monoxide. […]“. Theoretically, one could, at that time, have chosen between nitrogen (N2), carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), phosgene (COCl2), chlorine (Cl2), hydrogen cyanide (HCN), nerve gases such as Tabun and Sarin, Diesel engine exhaust, internal combustion engine exhaust, producer gas, coke or city gas, process gas, and, possibly, still other, entirely different, instruments of mass murder, suitable even under completely different circumstances (shooting in the back of the neck, hunger, epidemics). Finally, heavy physical work could only have been conceivable before the expiration of at least another one and a half hours, even with gas masks. The HCN content in the air of a room decreases similarly by breathing as by ventilation (exponential behavior, see chapter Since deadly concentrations (3,200 ppm) would have had to have been reached even in the remotest corner of the chamber even after a few minutes, this means that the hydrogen cyanide concentration inside the chamber after approximately one quarter hour would have exceeded 10,000 ppm and would have continued to rise thereafter-slowly, of course, but nevertheless constantly at all times. At the moment, the official estimates range from approximately 1 to 11/2 million victims,[457] though in his second book, Pressac downgraded the ‘gas chamber’ victims to 630,000[458] and later even further down to 470,000-550,000,[459] and in an article published in a small German periodical in early 2002, a German mainstream journalist attempted to reduce the death toll of the Auschwitz ‘gas chambers’ down to as little as 356,000. We have new and used copies available, in 2 editions - starting at $19.76. Therefore, one has to reckon with high adsorption rates of hydrogen cyanide especially at the cool and wet walls of the cellars of crematorium II and III, contrary to Weller’s hypothesis, according to which this is not supposed to happen. As a consequence, the temperature of the product and the ambient air drops. [464] A similar scenario applies to farmhouses I and II (see chapter 5.4.3.). [465] When considering the delays caused by the release of the gas and its distribution, as well as the fact that death occurs only several minutes after respiratory arrest, the first two lines of Table 10, corresponding to execution times of ca. Assuming an execution time approximately corresponding to those in US execution gas chambers (ten minutes and more at 3,200 ppm HCN, see chapter 7.1. to German law, Tolerable for 1/2 to 1 hour without significant or delayed effect, F. Flury and F. Zernik indicate that 200 ppm can be fatal within five to ten minutes, while 270 ppm are immediately fatal. Further re. Regarding morgue 1 (‘gas chamber’) of crematorium II, we have the following data: Volume: 504 m3; volume of 1,000 persons: ca. This means that the poison gas could not have been introduced into the alleged ‘gas chambers’ in the manner described by the eyewitnesses. Undressing of a few hundred victims in open air (again: what a spectacle for all other inmates! After all, the bodies were burnt-not grilled. […], The transport train, which had already arrived, stood on the free stretch of track. The handling of Zyklon B, on the other hand, would have demanded a remarkable number of safety precautions on the part of the executioners. First, the oxygen content in the room may be studied. Bluish/greenish coloration of the skin of the victims. Expert Report on Chemical and Technical Aspects In particular, I have been the director of the St. Avold plant, which in 1970, with its production of 40 tons of cyanides per day, was the most important plant worldwide; theoretically, this production would have allowed the lethal poisoning of 500 million human beings on a single day. cannot, once again, be attained with Zyklon B under the given technical conditions, and can only be attained through the use of very high quantities of Zyklon B. When corpses, which consist of more than 60% water, are burnt, this must take place with the expenditure of quite large quantities of fuel and great heat. The last column shows the ratio of the inhaled amount of HCN and the applied amount. Attempted destruction of the bodies by means of explosives. The effect of hydrogen cyanide is based on the fact that it paralyzes the respiration of every individual cell in the body. During this delay, the victim incorporates more overdoses of hydrogen cyanide. Due to the high water table in Birkenau in 1942-1994, deep pits would have quickly filled with water. Additional fuel is always required. “White people are a social construct but White privilege is real”. zyklon-b button; Not for sale or trade. Beds of the nails destroyed by ramming matches under the nails; All kinds of wounding by beating with truncheons, brass knuckles, and kicks; Confinement while naked in cold, damp, and dark rooms; Imprisonment for days in hot rooms without water; Forced testimony under the threat of punishment; Compelled production of all documents to the prosecution; Refusal to provide documents or examination of documents for the defense; Travel and currency prohibitions against the defense. I Can't Zyklon B-Lieve It's Not Butter! So, during the incineration of fat bodies, the fires were generally extinguished. Fat ignites at approximately 184°C. Others are selected for forced labor. Genre. The next lot will form the line directly in front, and so on, until the entire chamber is full, which must have taken approximately half an hour, even with perfect choreography. Pressac, on the other hand, assumes that 95 to 98% of the entire Zyklon B delivered to the camp were used for the original purpose, i.e., for delousing clothes and rooms,[471] for which he relies on statements from the Nuremberg tribunal. Since there were always two alleged ‘gas chambers’ of each type available in Birkenau (in crematorium II and III, or IV and V, or bunker I and II), there is no apparent reason why the victims could not have been separated by sex. NS was never against anyone, it was FOR our own race. Most of them died in the gas chambers using Zyklon B. Nazi doctors also carried out medical experiments on deportees. All of this must compel people accustomed to thinking in terms of technology and the natural sciences to conclude that the Germans must have decided to choose absolutely the most expensive, laborious, most dangerous and difficult way possible in which to kill people en masse. Brand new. A rating system that measures a users performance within a game by combining stats related to role, laning phase, kills / deaths / damage / wards / damage to objectives etc. The prisoners try to survive at the whim of the SS soldiers or the kapos charged with supervising them. Since the different measuring points show different concentrations peaks, this indicates a non-even distribution of the products in the chamber. It is interesting to note that M. Broszat deleted the last pages of Rudolf Höß’s testimony from his edition, since they contain “completely erroneous data on the numerical strength of these jews“, as Broszat himself stated in a footnote. Finally, the application of small amounts of hydrogen cyanide of an end concentration of only 1g/m³, i.e., the use of only some 400 g Zyklon B per gassing, would have been senseless, if the facilities were indeed air-tight, which would have been imperative for their use as a mass ‘gas chamber’. Formación Musical de la Ciudad de Rosario, Santa fe, Argentina, estilo Metal con … The most vehement attack of the media darling Pressac on the dominating historiography occurred during an interview published as an appendix to a PhD thesis analyzing the history of Holocaust revisionism in France. W poszukiwaniu najwydajniejszej metody "ostatecznego rozwiązania" Niemcy nie cofali się przed niczym. of the ‘Gas Chambers’ of Auschwitz. Hydrogen cyanide released for hours from the Zyklon B distributed among the bodies, release of hydrogen cyanide absorbed by the skin and walls and the absence of air exchanges between the bodies would have led to ventilation times amounting to several hours, before the cellar could have been entered without gas masks equipped with filters. ), a concentration of at least 3,000 ppm (3.6g/m3) would have had to have reached even the remotest corner of the chamber after only half this time (five minutes). This means that the double amount of air is inhaled if the time period would be doubled. Liquid fuels always burn only near and on the corpse, so that the heat is lost upwards; in addition, they trickle down into the subsoil in open air. Since this period of time can be decisive for the evaluation both of eyewitness accounts as well as of chemical analyses, it will be investigated more thoroughly in this chapter. [424] The concentrations necessary for this purpose will, by its very nature of the thing, be several times higher than the values indicated above. But since Zyklon B continues to give off large amounts of hydrogen cyanide for many more minutes, it must be assumed that the hydrogen cyanide content in such chambers would continue to increase constantly, and very rapidly, during the first quarter hour at least. On top of this, Tauber also claims that the Sonderkommandos shoved extraordinarily many corpses into each oven (up to eight) when they heard Allied planes approaching. Graph 13: Hydrogen cyanide concentration behavior in Zyklon B Hans Hunger, Antje Tietz. But one thousand people locked in a hermetically sealed cellar would have died in an hour from lack of oxygen alone. This shows an obvious inconsistency in Pressac’s statements. The average oxygen content is reduced by 20-30% per inhalation. Non-lethal doses of cyanide are quickly decomposed and excreted by the body. This is an entirely absurd testimony. Michel Adam was immediately suspended and, after one year of troubles of all sorts, he was dismissed by French Minister for the Arts Claude Allègre on account of the three following official reasons: Already in 1998, Gérard Roubeix wrote a similar letter which has been published elsewhere. Since the carrier material only releases approximately 10% of its hydrogen cyanide content after five minutes (see chapter 7.2. It blocks the process by which oxygen is released from the red blood cells. Commencement of body transport from the chamber of crematoria II and III 20 minutes after commencement of ventilation, without gas masks. Entering the ‘gas chambers’ without protective measures, the performance of heavy physical work in the chambers, sometimes with a naked torso, while eating and smoking, along with testimony relating to large quantities of toxic gas, reveals the perjury of these eyewitnesses.[490]. On occasion, when coke was in short supply, we would put some straw and wood in the ash bins under the muffles, and once the fat of the corpse began to burn the other corpses would catch light themselves. View cart for details. Many of these videos are available for free download. It would not have been necessary to order and store CO and pay attention to the use-by date, as was necessary in the case of Zyklon B; carbon monoxide would have been available at all times, as soon as the economical installations were completed. In Table 9, the total inhaled volume of 1,000 victims is given in m3 and multiples of the free air volume as a function of time. The radiant heat of the bodies would have a slightly accelerating effect upon the evaporation by increasing the temperature in the vicinity of the floor. Heavy respiratory devices must be worn at concentrations of over 0.5 Vol.%, which would render the removal of the bodies much more difficult. [295] According to a report by a US Senator drawn up at that time, mistreatment of German prisoners by Allied personnel was a frequent occurrence:[432]. The evaporation characteristics of this product at various temperatures, low relative humidity of the air, and a fine distribution of the carrier material are reproduced in Graph 9 as given by Irmscher. Inspection of Mexican immigrants by the US Public Health Service. In winter of 1942/1943, no crematorium was operable in Birkenau (the first became operable in spring 1943). If you tell the average person what you and I know they simply switch off and revert back to the programming due to their failsafe in their head which has been implemented by social engineering. Equally false are the statements relating to the duration of ventilation of morgue 1 (the ‘gas chamber’) of crematoria II and III, since the ventilation would be greatly influenced by various factors (hindrance of circulation by the bodies, the short circuit in the ventilation pathway, the release of hydrogen cyanide by Zyklon B). Back pages: F1 to bankroll British Grand Prix at Silverstone. ), we assume in the following that approximately 90 g or 75 liters hydrogen cyanide are released as gas. In reality, the applied amount of hydrogen cyanide had to be a bit higher than assumed here (delay due to release and distribution of hydrogen cyanide). [441] In addition, the same pages contain the following, which is also incredible:[442]. This page was last updated: 01-Feb 03:02. Zyklon B (pronunciado en alemán: [tsykloːn ˈbeː], traducido literalmente como "Ciclón B") foi o nome comercial dun pesticida con base de cianuro inventado en Alemaña a comezos dos anos 1920. The higher losses at lower temperatures is caused by a higher moisture content in the gassed material and in the walls of the observed room.[123]. During the process, the victim is therefore exposed to a high overdose concentration of hydrogen cyanide. The incineration of corpses in the open air with combustible fluids is impracticable because fluids have the property of flowing down or away and/or evaporating. Opinions differ as to the concentration of poison gas alleged to have been used in the presumed executions (see next chapter). […]“. As a function of time passed until respiratory arrest occurs, Table 10 shows, how much HCN was incorporated by the victims in total (column 3), which portion of the total content of HCN in the air this is (column 4), how much HCN had been released in total (column 5), and how much Zyklon B at a carrier temperature of 15°C had to have been applied to release that much HCN as is required in this period of time. In the following, it is assumed that an execution lasting several hours, no overdoses of HCN are incorporated. content (30% per Inhalation), Reduction of O2 The few witnesses statements we have, however, claim that several kilograms of Zyklon B were used. If the temperature of the air reaches the dew point, atmospheric humidity condenses out of the air onto the carrier material, which binds the hydrogen cyanide and slows down the evaporation process. The following is a description of the homicidal gassing procedures for the individual installations, if one were to assume that one million human beings were actually gassed: Blocking the crematorium environs to third parties; 500-700 victims undressing in open air (what a spectacle for all other inmates! This procedure is in contradiction to the procedures followed during disinfestation, where, according to the same witnesses, the sexes were carefully separated. [422] With a hydrogen cyanide content of 0.02% (approximately 0.24 mg per liter) the victim must inhale approximately 416 liters of air before ingesting the fatal quantity of hydrogen cyanide. 20). High rates of hydrogen cyanide absorption would have to be expected during these periods, particularly on the cool and moist masonry of cellars in crematoria II and III. Honest, uncensored, and hard-hitting articles, Germar Rudolf In plain English, this means that the typhus epidemic in Auschwitz concentration camp threatened the extremely important production of the war industries located in Upper Silesia, the second-greatest industrial region in Germany after the Ruhr at that time. ZYKLON-B BLOOD 7" EMPEROR SATYRICON NIDEN DIV.187 DARKTHRONE BLACK METAL MARDUK. Even during the use of very large quantities of Zyklon B (much more than 10g per m. Opening of the doors to the ‘gas chamber’ after the execution (and sometimes a short ventilation time) and immediate commencement of transport of the bodies without gas masks and protective clothing. ), “Half an hour after the introduction of the gas, the door was opened and the ventilation installation was turned on. Zyklon-B - były norweski zespół blackmetalowy, założony w 1995.Grupę tworzyli Experience shows that people do not pack themselves tightly to the very edge of an enclosed area, unless, of course, they are quite willing to do so. The sick products, themed after … Tauber claims that by so doing, huge flames would have come out of the crematorium’s chimney, which they hoped would make the Allied bomber pilots aware of them. The actual figures were lower by a factor of approximately ten. This testimony is quite absurd. Assuming that the victims died quickly from the high concentrations of toxic gas, then the workers in the Sonderkommando would also have been killed by the gas. Coming into contact with Zyklon B leads to an internal asphyxiation with symptoms of injury to the respiratory system, a feeling of fear, dizziness, and vomiting.

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